Information for Active & Non Active Military

The following are useful tips regarding the Texas Vet Program.

  • VA Loan Limit Is $417,000
  • Price Goes Higher With A “Companion Mortgage”
  • Price Can Go Even Higher With Down Payment
  • Home Must Be Your Primary Residence
  • Closing Costs Are Responsibility Of Client Unless Paid By Seller
  • Absolute Max Sales Price Is $821,250


If you fall under the following criteria, then you are eligible to take advantage of the Texas Vet Program.

  • Army, Air Force, Coast Guard
  • Marines, Navy, National Guard
  • Public Health Service
  • Actively Served 90 Days Minimum
  • General Discharge (honorable conditions)
  • Served after September 16,1940
  • Home will be your Primary Residence
  • Active Military and PCS’ing to Texas**
  • Active Military and already living in Texas
  • My Home was Texas when I entered Military
  • My home was Texas when I exited Military*
*Legal Home has been Texas for last 12 months
**Active Military must file form DD2058 to list Texas as “Current Home of Residency”

Hall Family Homes honors our active and non active military. We strive to provide you the most current information on loan criteria and will help you make the most of what you deserve as a veteran of our country.

“A man who is good enough to shed his blood for his country, is good enough to be given a square deal afterwards.” Theodore Roosevelt, June 4, 1903

9441_782478611823434_8127030276630959194_nTo All Veterans, Eddy Hall of Hall Family Homes served in Vietnam with the 4th Infantry Division as a Sergeant and is a Disabled Veteran. He has a special place in his heart for all those who have served our country and will work diligently along with his family (wife, Mary and daughters, Andrea and Tina) to help Veterans buy or sell their homes. It is an honor to give back to those who have given so much.

Eddy Hall is able to understand what being a veteran of the United States Military means and what a veteran deserves. Eddy is a Texas veteran himself, having served active duty as a sergeant in Vietnam. His experience as a disabled vet and now as a realtor provide him with a clear perspective to represent active and non active military.


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